Our Lawyers


Melanie K.C.B. Smith

Barrister & Solicitor (Ontario, CAN)                  

Attorney & Counselor at Law (Virginia, U.S.)

Melanie K.C.B. Smith is the managing member in the law firm of Beresh Smith Professional Corporation, and primarily practices in Ontario. Having obtained her J.D. from Regent University School of Law in Virginia in 2007, Melanie obtained licensure and practiced law in Virginia before expanding and obtaining her legal licensure to Canada in 2012.  Melanie’s international legal experience has provided her with a level of legal proficiency, business acumen, and negotiating skill that is not easily replicated. Melanie strives to provide clients with a personalized legal experience that seeks reasonable solutions to legal problems being faced.  Melanie’s Canadian practice with Beresh Smith Professional Corporation primarily focuses on estate planning, business law and real estate law.  

After establishing Beresh Smith in 2012, Melanie based her operations in the Niagara Region of Ontario, but she will personally travel throughout Ontario and Northern Virginia to meet with clients where they are as needed.  


Calvin W. Beresh

Of Counsel, Barrister & Solicitor (Ontario, CAN)

Calvin W. Beresh is an accomplished lawyer with over 30 years experience in estate law, real estate law, and family law.  A master of finding unique solutions to complicated legal issues, Cal is highly proficient in negotiating difficult situations for the benefit of his clients. His wide-ranging expertise and genuine rapport combine to provide individualized service and tailored solutions that serve clients' legal needs with proven skill, true integrity, and heartfelt compassion.

Cal obtained his L.L.B. from the University of Western Ontario in 1979, and went on to establish his practice in the Niagara Region of Ontario and become a senior partner in the firm Sharpe Beresh & Gnys, where he continues to this day.  However, he works closely with his daughter, Melanie K.C.B. Smith, on many legal matters, and collaborates with Beresh Smith Law.